Always Moving, Asking, Shopping: Marketing in the Age of Mobile


Rich Rudzinski

CEO and Digital Strategist, Tragic Media

Adam Fox

Director of Digital Experience and Media, Qdoba

Ron Weber

Senior Global SEO Strategist, Teradata


“MobileMary” Barnett

CEO and Marketing Strategist, CEO and Marketing Strategist

The internet changed marketing forever, and the smartphone has transformed the industry further, turning us into the customer version of sharks: never at rest, constantly searching for information, and perpetually in a position to buy. Smart brands have capitalized on this transformation with mobile-friendly customer journeys – enhanced visibility through mobile SERPs and apps, simplified conversion paths on handheld devices, wireless-enabled loyalty and advocacy programs.

Learn from this panel of mobile marketing experts what strategies and technologies are indispensable for your business today and how mobile marketing will continue to evolve. We’ll cover:

– Mobile-friendly user experience

– Personalization

– Mobile search optimization

– Technologies like AMPs and PWAs

– Apps like Yelp and Google Maps

– Social media ROI

– And more!