How Top Brands Are Crushing It with Gen Z Engagement Strategies

11:00 am to 11:45 am

Rancho Santa Fe II

Gregg Witt

Chief Strategy Officer, Engage Youth

Generation Z has surpassed Millennials as the nation’s largest living generation. Today, Gen Z is entering the workforce and companies are scrambling to understand them. The marketing community is abuzz about the need to shift strategies to attract these digital natives. Changing the way your business cultivates relationships this consumer group is imperative.

Join Engage Youth Co. Chief Strategy Officer, Gregg Witt, for this informative talk that explores the changing demographics in America, the mindset of Gen Z and essential marketing strategies used by successful brands like Target, Supreme, Milk Makeup and Walt Disney World. You’ll learn proven approaches that generate a powerful response, hear fascinating real-world examples, plus actionable advice that can apply to any business.