Conference TRACKS

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360 Marketer tracks

The 360 Marketer takes a holistic approach to marketing by considering all aspects of the customer’s experience with a brand. A versatile and adaptive marketer, the 360 marketer navigates the complex and ever-changing marketing landscape, prioritizes customer needs and preferences, and creates personalized and targeted campaigns to engage and retain customers, build brand loyalty, and deliver measurable results.



Addresses the many forms of experiential marketing, such as immersive installations, branded activations, pop-up events, and more. It will demonstrate that by encouraging consumers to share their experiences, the Experiential Marketer facilitates the added exposure and reach associated with user-generated content.



The Tech Marketer uses marketing technology to enhance marketing efforts by reaching target audiences more effectively, personalizing messaging, and tracking and analyzing marketing efforts. This track will address topics such as: AI, VR and AR, and ChatGPT.



To be effective in their role, the People Marketer must employ a combination of technical skills and soft skills. Soft skills allow the marketer to build personal connections with customers by focusing on their individual needs and preferences rather than brand or product features or benefits.



Focuses on the use of analytics and quantitative data collected from digital platforms such as websites, social media, or app traffic, click-through rates, and conversion rates, to measure and improve performance metrics such as traffic, user engagement, and conversion. The track will also do a deep dive into insights gathered and delivered using both analytics and marketing research.

Conference at a glance

5:00 pm
VIP Networking Cocktail Reception with Speakers and Sponsors
6:00 pm
Welcome Networking Cocktail Reception for All Attendees
8:00 am
Registration, Breakfast, Networking, and Vendor Visits
Garden of the Sky
8:30 am
Welcome and Morning Keynote
KIPJ Theater with speaker, Dan Khabie, Founding Partner of CourtAvenue

"Technology and Marketing. 2023 and Beyond"

10:00 am
Breakout Session One
The Experiential Marketer- "Marketing is curiosity"

KIPJ Theater • Matt Graber, CMO, San Diego Opera

The People Marketer- "Leading a Brand Revival: Updating Your Look and Feel Through Personal Connections & Technical Skill"

KCBE - Nexus Theater • Aaron Byzak, Chief External Relations Officer, TriCity Medical Center

The Tech Marketer- "Insights and best practices around creating and evolving technology brands"

KCBE - Room 102 • Anna Green, Senior Director, Global Brand, Qualcomm

The Insightful Marketer- "User Research in Strategic Decisions"

KCBE - Room 126 • Janice Jung, Director of Research, Meta

11:00 am
Breakout Session Two
The Insightful Marketer- "The Promise of 1st Party Data"

KIPJ Theater • Jen Geddy, Head of Consumer Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Sony

The Experiential Marketer- "Do Not Disturb"

KCBE - Nexus Theater • Sophie Masson, Co-Founder, Do Not Disturb

The Tech Marketer- "Leveraging Technology to Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts"

KCBE - Room 102 • Samantha Pantazopoulos, Co-Founder and CEO, Vizer

The People Marketer- "Understanding Authenticity, Ethics, and the Impact of DEI"

KCBE - Room 126 • Anetra Henry, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Institute for Public Relations

11:45 am
Networking Lunch
Garden of the Sea
12:30 pm
Midday Keynote
The Insightful Marketer

KIPJ Theater • Amy Winhoven, Global Head, PS Customer and Portfolio Marketing Strategy, HP

"Why quant bias is killing the power of Big Data"

1:30 pm
Garden of the Sea
2:45 pm
Breakout Session Three
Fireside Chat - The Experiential Marketer- "TaylorMade’s Journey to Create the Most Connected Brand"

KIPJ Theater • Bob Maggiore, CMO, TaylorMade and Jana De Anda, President,  and Co-Founder, Excelerate, LLC.

The Tech Marketer Panel- "AI Marketing Friend, Foe or Revolutionary?"

KCBE - Nexus Theater • Miro Copic, Tyson McDowell, Ron Hadler, Mark Newcomer, Aaron Elkins

The Insightful Marketer- "The Art of Insightful Marketing"

KCBE - Room 102 • Sunaina  Mehta, VP Global Head of Insights, Formerly HP

The People Marketer Panel- "LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Marketing"

KCBE Room 126 • Andrew Cortez, Alex Villafuerte, and Angel Mason Broadus (and others)

3:45 pm
Afternoon Keynote
The Experiential Marketer

KIPJ Theater • David Miller, CMO, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

"Create conversation about your brand, not just effective awareness"

5:00 pm
Farewell Networking Reception
Knauss School of Business Courtyard